Cure premature ejaculation:  how I overcame fear and nervousness in bed

With this proven step-by-step method I cured my premature ejaculation

100% natural and immediately effective

Are you a man who wants to last longer in bed?

Then let me get straight to the point: 

*On this website you will learn how to eradicate premature ejaculation from your life once and for all*

But first things first, do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • You come too quickly
  •  You want your girlfriend to see you as the marathon man that you are, and not as a one minute man? 
  • You suspect that people are gossiping about your "little problem" behind your back? (Listen to your gut, they most likely are)
  • You barely enjoy sex anymore and want to disappear into a black hole afterwards.
  • The disappointed (and even worse, pitying) looks of your partner almost kill you.
  • You have already tried different remedies and methods - WITHOUT success. 
  • You fear that your partner may cheat on you or even leave you because you are not delivering sexually. 
  • You finally want to put an end to these problems once and for all. 

Have you found yourself in any of those situations? 

Believe me, there isn't a man in your shoes who is not worried about being cheated on or left by his girlfriend.

Even if you think "it's not that bad" or "no, my girlfriend or wife loves me too much" or "our relationship is otherwise very happy."

Do yourself a favor and face the truth before it is too late.

But, back to my intital questions: Did you find these situations all too familiar?

If yes...

….then you should definitely keep reading.

Because in the next few minutes you will find out how I managed to NEVER come too early in bed again....

and how you can start benefiting from it today.

That sounds too good to be true, right?


... but I know exactly what I'm talking about...

... because exactly 21 weeks ago I was in your shoes.

And boy did I always come too early!

And now, just 147 days later, I'm enjoying a sex life with my girlfriend that I would have never dreamed of before. Because...

… I went from being a one minute man (on my best days) to a marathon man. 

My name is Tom Berger and…

… my story of premature ejaculation is every man's nightmare.

At first, it all started off great.

I was lucky to work as consultant and constantly be introduced to amazing sexy women!

You know how it is. A drink after work. Some small talk.

… everything was going unbelievably well. Conversation is flowing great, I eventually bring her home and after awhile, we're in my bedroom...  

… and then, after some sexy foreplay, she is visibly aroused and very turned on: I want her. And she wants me!

But then, it happened, exactly what I had been dreading...

BAM… I came toooooooo quickly…

Shit, after about 15 seconds (honestly, 15 seconds?! Come on!) I ejaculate. Done. Over.

Total mood killer. The admiration that she had for me since our first date is gone. The fire is out, not even a small flame left burning.

In spite of everything:

She tries not to openly show her disappointment. She just looks at me pityingly and says, "It's fine. It can happen to anyone."

I wished that I could satisfy her in bed and give her everything that she deserves. Be the man she's always dreamed of.

Instead I prayed that a hole would open up in the floor that I could jump in and hide in forever.

After an "accident" like this I came the realization: 

I had a serious problem.

For two different reasons...

First, because I disappointed my sexual partners beyond belief and was a terrible lover...

… something I was told straight to my face during a breakup (so much for women being soooo sensitive).

But the second, much bigger problem.

I had lost all sexual competence and attractive women were no longer turned on by me (something that had never happened to me up until now): 

My reputation was destroyed.

In case you didn't already know, women gossip about everything, even about how men perform in bed.  

And this happened to me on the worst day of my life:

After another night of embarrassing sex, the next day at 8:45am in the office.

My colleagues didn't warmly greet me that morning, insead I was met with pitying looks and some shitty sly grins that I will never forget.  

Never in my life had I ever felt so humiliated!

As if that alone didn't get the point across, a colleague mumbled to "himself", but loud enough for everyone to hear, "Watch out for this guy, he can come in less than a minute!"

A kick in the nuts...would have honestly felt better.

My (sex) life changed radically on this day. I didn't want to tolerate this kind of humiliation any longer. My reputation had gone to shit. This was the last straw and my decision was clear: 

This could not continue any longer - I had to find a solution.

In hindsight I'm almost thankful for that day. Sounds extreme, right? But I'll tell you why.

Because ultimately I took my (sex) life 100% into my own hands on that day. I wanted to- I needed to find a solution.

My new mission (hopefully) possible got kick started on that same day. 

I was instantly obsessed.

There seemed to be all sorts of solutions to this problem that I had never been aware of before.

There seemed to be no limits:
Pills, Sprays, Salves, Books, Meditation and Hypnosis Methods.

Convinced I was destined for success, I ordered some pills for 79 Dollars that night, but I was thoroughly disappointed when the pills did absolutely nothing.

But I didn't give up there. Here are a few more methods that I tried:

Salves - some had no effects, others burned awfully, unfortunately none of them helped.

Sprays - I actually thought this sounded like a good idea, but unfortunately they numbed all feeling in my Penis, so sex was pointless!

Meditation Music and Hypnosis – (hey, I definitely had my doubts) unfortunately also brought no significant change (although I should admit that I had no faith that it would work to begin with).  

I scoured the internet for all possible solutions.

Slowly despair and hopelessness crept in, but I kept going in spite of my doubts.

…clutching at every straw...

I almost dare to say that I really tried every last thing that made any sense at all to me.

Even things, that made no sense at all to me...

Alcohol before sex.

Masturbation before Sex (Tip from a sex therapist - couldn't get more embarassing, right? "Of course, I would like to sleep with you, but could you excuse me for 5 minutes?" - are you kidding me?)

Even trying to think twisted and disturbing thoughts during sex.

But nothing helped.

I no longer knew what to do, but decided to continue to my quest.

… Every article, every book, every scientific study on the topic.
Somewhere there must be an answer:
And just as I was about to give up

a light appeared at the end of the tunnel.

I learned something that I truly never knew before. 

The biggest mistakes that men who suffer from premature ejaculation make.

In my research, I discovered that there are two crucial things that can crush premature ejaculation:

1) During sex, you must always be exactly aware of how aroused you are (on a scale of 0 to 100). You can also call this physical self awareness training. It is about becoming aware of your "Point of No Return."

2) When you reach 90 on this scale (and are nearing your point of no return), there are specific techniques you can use to draw out your orgasm. And the best thing about these effective and practical techniques is that even you can study and develop them.

Sounds too simple?

Well, the top sex experts swear by both of those techniques. And in this moment: it all became crystal clear to me.

Instead of waiting for a miracle, it's much more effective to take the matter into your own hands:

Pay attention to the details and hone in on the specific . It's nothing earth shattering, but the sum of all these small changes changed my life completely.

After weeks of crushing disappointment I had found my solution.

Was that really possible?

Of course there was only one way to find out.

I applied everything tediously and dilligently, as I had originally gathered the information. Every little tip, nothing left out...

... and I was so grateful for all that I had learned,

 It was time for the final Show Down:

Would the natural and straightforward methods that I had found bring me success?

Would I immediately be last longer in bed?

Would I be able to make her come as I had never been able to before? (It couldn't get worse than me coming after 15 seconds, right?)

I was about to find out.

And actually, I could barely believe what happened:

I came after 42 Minutes.

Awesome : 42 (!) Minutes. Incredible. I could barely understand it myself. Me, the 15 second guy! Unbelieveable!

I felt reborn.

"The best sex of my life" – WOW!!!

The look in her eyes. This incredible look. Nothing but complete admiration. As if she wanted to ask: "Where did you learn how to do that?"

I will never forget the look on her face:

Finally I felt like a real man. And I was one.

Before she could barely look at me.

But now we are still together and it does not seem like she wants to change that. In fact, it's quite the opposite:

Recently she's started talking about "our" future.

Usually those words make a man run for the hills, but definitely not with this girl. 

So before I tell you my exact methods, here is some real proof that women openly discuss our performance in bed:

My girlfriend's friends asked me, just a few weeks after my "sex miracle," if I could give their boyfriends a few tips?

Excuse me, did I hear that correctly? I could hardly believe it. 

Astounding! Once a one minute man, now a sex therapist!

But there was a problem. I'm not really the kind of guy who wants to tell guys in a face to face conversation , how they can learn to come later. Sorry, I'm just not cut out for that.

That made sense to my girlfriend's friends, but they still did not leave me alone (Women!).

After constant prodding, one of them (thank you, Lisa) had an excellent idea.

She thought that I should share my insider tips in an E-Book. Everyone who was interested could read it and I could be spared the embarrasing talks.

So all the guys (and all their girlfriends and wives) who have this topic weighing on their hearts and minds, can finally get the help they need and I can stay in the background.

Sounds plausible, right?

That's what I thought, so I made it happen.

My E-book +++ Premature no more +++ is a collection of several methods that I collected during weeks of research.

Everything that worked for me is included. What didn't help at all, I've left out. It is chock full of tried and true tips.

My readers have already confirmed this:

Success Story # 1*

"It lasted for a good 30 minutes- this book really delivered- thanks!"

Hi Tom,

I've read through your E-book and I'm really surprised to see how many tips and tricks are included.

I immediately got to work applying your methods, and I have begun to understand my body in a whole new way, so that I can pinpoint my "point of no return" more precisely.

Today while having sex with my girlfriend, I paid close attention to the state of my arousal and […] it lasted for a good 30 minutes !

Thank you again for this book, it really delivered!



Success story # 2*

"Superbly written! You will absolutely want to get started with this immediately!"


so I read through everything immediately, and I must say that is superbly written. This is absolutely worth studying and getting started with immediately...the plan you've laid out is great....


Success Story#. 3*

"Totally epic, really great- these tips saved my ass with my beautiful wife."

Hi Tom,

I think this book is amazing. With these techniques my endurance has increased 5-8 minutes after just 3 weeks.

The training program is incredible, especially since I can apply it to multiple areas of my life, even in my business ventures. Totally epic!!

And the S.O.S Tips saved my ass with my beautiful wife. I will continue to dilligently study and let you know how the training continues.  

Sincerely, D.P.


… are you look forward to ending your "endurance" problem once and for all?

… Are you ready to usher in a new era of your sex life - from one minute man to a marathon man?

… Do you want to find out how you can pleasure any woman?

And with my natural and straight forward methods that you can practice at home alone (or with your girlfriend?) Even tonight? And every following night?

Then you - and all women who you will one day pleasure in bed- are guaranteed to love my e-Book +++ Premature no more +++ .

Because it will teach you things that will enrich your life (and the life of your girlfriend or wife) forever...

… and even if you are still skeptical like other readers before you.

But, actually, there was a happy ending, even for the skeptical readers: 

Success Story # 4*

"The first time having sex after reading this book, I lasted at least four times longer."

Hi Tom,

at first I thought: What does this guy want?

As if I couldn't have thought of all that myself (what you've written on your website).

And this whole physical self awareness talk I had already heard of (or so I thought), but as I really began to concentrate and truly focus on how my body was feeling, I must admit that:

The first time I had sex after reading this book, I lasted four times longer.

J. G.

Success Story # 5*

"Your book is killer! With this kind of issue (premature ejaculation) it really pays of too keep fighting!"

Hey Tom,

Your book is killer !

My goal of becoming a marathon man is right before my eyes. The training program can be challenging but with this kind of issue (premature ejaculation) it really pays off to keep fighting. I am determined to pull through!

About the S.O.S. emergency tips:

Yeah, I've definitely already applied a few of them. In my opinion, the one about .... (this tip can't be revealed here...) was the most successful.



Now, what tips might be so successful?

I'll reveal that to you ...

... in this summary:

  • Your personal training plan. Day to day. Excercise by exercise. This is how you can transform from a guy who comes too soon, into a sex god. 
  • Epic: These three positions will turn you into a marathon man.
  • Unbelieveable: how to train your "super sex" muscle without wasting a minute of your time.
  • Welcome, sex god. With this technique you can skillfully delay your orgasms and bring her to a hot climax ! 
  • In most bedrooms you can find these 3 things that keep you from controlling your orgasms - don't let this happen to you!
  • Revealed: the number 1 technique that every sex god regularly practices - astonishing! 
  • Last minute "Date Night" Emergency Tips - 25 pages full of S.O.S. tips that will help you last two times longer tonight, or your money back!
  • How to turn her on while bringing yourself back "down," without her even noticing... 
  • #1 Ejaculation Emergency Brake - always an option and always effective!
  • Warning: These positions scream premature ejaculation!
  • Regardless of how long the sex lasts, with this trick, you can always know exactly when you when climax.
  • Two principles that all men with premature ejaculation must know. (Most men are not familiar with these principles and fail exactly because of that. You will be shocked to find out.)
  • The most reputed sex researchers in the U.S. : What they know about the topic of premature ejaculation  
  • 3 Step Method: Know exactly when you need to slam on the brakes.
  • Debunked: The #1 mistake that men with PE make (and surprise, it's often recommended by experts).
  • Everything that you should know about the stages of sex and how this knowledge alone can help you later. 
  • Learn to understand her sexual experience so that you never disappoint her. 
  • How to take your sex life to the next level and make her look at you like you're one of the world's seven wonders. 
  • Step by Step: If you don't understand this point, you will always miss your target.
  • If you can correctly interpret these signs, your stamina can increase by 234% - guaranteed!
  • How a single breath can lead to premature ejaculation and what you should do instead.
  • What a man! When you use this trick she will rave for months about your manliness and sexual powers!

... and much, much more.

As these success stories demonstrate:

Success story #6*

"Beyond helpful - my partner loves the tips and training methods too!"

Hey Tom!

I've been dilligently studying because your book has been more than just a motivation, it has changed something in my life.

I am following your training plan precisely and must say that I have just begun to notice the first positive changes.

The S.O.S. emergency methods are beyond helpful and my partner, who luckily I can discuss everything with, supports me and loves the tips and training methods too!

I'm confident that this will continue to positively change our sex life.

Sincerely, A. K.

Success story #7*

"Already noticed improvements- I am feeling really confident - The clever writing is a pleasure to read!

Hi Tom,

Even after such a short time, I've already noticed improvements! The clever writing is a pleasure to read. I am feeling really confident this will work!

Sincerely, R.

Success Story # 8*

"Going great-the S.O.S emergency tips have really been a life saver !"

Hello Tom,

I bought your manual recently. I've started with the first steps of your method and everything is going great.

The S.O.S emergency tips have especially been a real life saver for me recently on several occassions.

I hold your book in high regard.

Sincerely, J. B.

So, one thing is clear, this book is chock full of:

… Inside information on how you can end your premature ejacualtion once and for all.

And that's what you want, right?

Then take a moment to imagine the following:

How relieved you will feel, when your partner and her friends are raving about your sex life, instead of talking behind your back?

How you will no longer have to worry about not being able to pleasure the woman who pleases you so much...

How much more self confident you will feel…

… when YOU decide to create new milestones in your sex life?

If that is what you want, my e-Book +++ Premature no more +++ will be a blessing from above for you and all your future partners.

As it has been for so many guys just like you:

Success story # 9*

"Eye opening and effective - My highest compliment! - I was completely flabbergasted! "

Hi Tom,

A week has passed and I've become completely engulfed in your book. 

If this all pans out, then I will be the happiness man on earth!

Your excercises are really eye opening and effective - my highest compliment !

And have I happend to find myself in any desperate situations recently, where I had to hit the emergency brakes ?

Yes, I had to try it out and I was completely flabbergasted, it actually worked…

Sincerely, P. S.

And now the question you've definitely been waiting for:

How much does the successful internet bestseller  +++ Premature no more+++ cost?

Ask yourself for a moment: How much is it worth to you, to put the embarrassment of low sexual performance behind you?

How much is it worth to you, for a woman to become completely enamored with you after a night of love making because your stamina far surpassed that of any man she had ever slept with? 

Could you really put a price on these experiences and feelings?

I don't think so, right?

So what should my insider report, that reveals secrets to you that most men will never discover, cost?

And with it you will enthrall women in bed, but you will also have the chance to win her heart …

So how much?

300 Dollars, 200 Dollars, 100 Dollars?

Of course there is no question that this insider knowledge is worth that much.

On the other hand:
No one should have to scrimp and save to gain access to this kind of information. That's my opinion.

So this is my offer:

The normal price of my eBook +++ Premature no more +++ is $49.90. But today you do not need to pay that much.

Not that long ago I was so sick of all the embarrassment and the whole ordeal, that I would have paid almost any price to be free of this fucking problem.

So from that perspective, $49.90 for tried and true insider knowledge is not too much to ask, right?

That is certainly true, but…

… I have a surprise for you:

Mrs. Jackson, who assisted me in the publishing of this project (it's way more work than you think), convinced me to offer the whole report  +++ Premature no more +++ for only $27.70 instead of the $49.90 I need to charge for all the work I put in.

The ladies who persuaded me to write this book have been having a good laugh about how the low price of $49.90 is a total steal for this kind of book! Good thing I'm not interested in things like profiting off this project!

Quite honestly, I wouldn't feel good about myself, if selling this book for a high price meant that some man could not afford the solution to his problem.

I'm not the only one saying it's an incredible bargain (because who actually cares what I have to say?) - many of my readers (and their girlfriends and wives) agree.

Like this one:

Success Story # 10*

"These tips are top notch! Amazing value for money"


These tips are top notch.


I wouldn't have dared to buy this book for the original price of $ 49, but now I know it would have been worth it. Only $ 27.70, it's a steal!


Now, you see, people are really talking about this bargain.

However, I'll be quite honest that there is a small drawback.

Would it be possible for me to continue to offer this book at such a low price?

Probably not. I also have to pay for the advertising that makes this website possible and every day this becomes more expensive. I hope you can understand.

So here's my tip:

Jump on this deal today…

…and spare yourself the disappointment of having to pay more later (although it would still be worth it).

So that you can celebrate you first success tonight or tomorrow night.

That would be amazing, right?

Because I really care about this project, I'm going to help make this decision even easier for you, so:

Here's the kicker.

I don't want to scam you or persuade you into making a blind purchase.

So I thought of offering a special warranty (well it was actually Mrs. Jackson's idea)...

100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back

And that includes my promise:

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, I am not entitled to a cent of your money.

I'll go further to say:

not only I am not entitled to your money, but I also don't want it either!

So I will give you your money back if my tips do not help you. Fair, right?

In more official terms:

If you are not absolutely pleased then let me know directly. A short email is enough: "Tom, I want my money back." No reason necessary.

… and I'll send you your refund immediately. No ifs and buts. Within a few days the full amount will be returned to your account. Promised. And then I will disappear from you life like a shadow in the night. Guaranteed.

So you see:

You are always on the safe side!

Because there is no risk involved for you. But …

… it gets even better.

Take your time reading the book, because my guarantee lasts not just a week or even two, or a whole month…

... but a whole 60 days!

I wouldn't want you to feel stressed or under pressure in any way. This is all about you and improving your relationship, so take your time! In a nutshell: 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.

I think that you owe it to your girlfriend or wife to find out how successful these methods truly are. It has worked sensationally for me. (But man, you have got to try it. There is no way around it).

So, it's on - and completely risk free…

Are you ready to end your frustrations in bed?

Have you had enough of being ridiculed and overhearing women sharing the juicy gossip about your embarrassing sexual mishaps?

The click this button and try out my e-Book +++ Premature no more +++ - risk free as promised!

Order now, this one of a kind collection of proven methods that you can begin to use today to take your sex life to a new level... 

… and finally look like a real man in her eyes.

And if you ask me, I think every one of us deserves this kind of life.

This is what I wish for you.

From the bottom of my heart


Tom Berger

A brief summary of what my deal includes for you:

The 106 page eBook +++ Premature no more +++ for $27.70, instead of the full price of $49.90. You save more than 40%!

And remember, this is completely risk free for you.

With my '60 Day No Ifs or Buts 100% Satisfaction Guarantee', you are always on the safe side.

Have you ever found a more risk free offer, with even more benefits to you? (If so, let me know).

100% Money Back Guarantee

Just send me a quick email. "Tom I want my money back." No reason necessary and I will transfer the money back to your account immediately. No ifs and buts.

While you are thinking about seizing this special offer, take a moment to imagine this:

How great it will feel when sexual incompetence is something of your past…

...and how it will feel to focus on having fun with your girlfriend or wife, without worrying that everything will soon end, before it even began...

You can be a winner, like my other readers.

Success Story # 11*

"You really know how to bring someone to life- Praise for your writing - I'm already making hardcore strides!"

Howdy Cowboy,

it may sound a little wild, but I've been making hardcore strides with these methods...

… your book helped me tremendously, you really know how to bring someone to life ;)

Praise for your writing ;)

Sincerely, P. N.

Succes Story # 12*

"The Tips and Tricks are genius - I am much more relaxed and do not stress anymore..." 


I'm feeling very satisfied so far. I complete the training regularly, though I should really amp it up a notch. I already notice a difference and that definitely motivates me.

The tips and tricks are genius, although they can not all be used at once. I am much more relaxed and do not stress anymore, which is almost half the work. The rest is still to come...

I want to thank you now and I will also be in touch when I am further along in my training.

Sincerely, B.M.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Just send me a quick email. "Tom, I want my money back." No reason necessary. I will transfer the money back to you immediately. No ifs and buts.

* For legal reasons, I am required to say that there is no guarantee of the success stories acheived by my readers. Results may differ. With the correct and precise application of these methods, you could one day be among the success stories! Legal details in Disclaimer.

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